Metroid Fusion GBA – A good Remake of Super Metroid

By | April 29, 2018

The favorite Metroid series is again on Game Boy Advanced (GBA) after many years of waiting. Created by Nintendo, Metroid Fusion GBA and it is a huge accomplishment. Super Metroid is the predecessor of its, which became extremely famous among gamers due to the extreme action adventure of its. Created following many eight years, Metroid Fusion is returned. Fantastic Metroid was among the most effective action video games actually created, along with this is a throwback to Super Metroid as it has all of the functions of the predecessor of its with an enhanced and much better environment.


Metroid Fusion GBA Gameplay

Samus Aran could be the bounty hunter, and also she’s the person who had taken over the organic and natural weapons of the area pirates, the Metroids. SR388 is the Metroid house arena as well as Samus Aran in addition to a team of scientists made the decision to examine the earth but got taken over by X-Parasite, that is a risky organism. The whole body of her as well as equipment got infected, and she lost consciousness on the way of her back. She’d no chance at survival since her ship crashed..

In order to save her, she’s being injected with the Metroid vaccines by removing the Power Suit of her in a medical procedure. The Metroid vaccines caused the appearance of her to change. Immediately after some time, the Power Suit of her as well as the laboratory that contains the organisms exploded.

This appears to be an incredible opening, along with gamers who have actually played Super Metroid may readily appreciate this gameplay. Today, Samus can readily digest the X Parasites since she’s been injected with the Metroid cells.

In order to enjoy the game to probably the fullest, several gaming practical experience with Super Metroid and Metroid II: The Return of Samus is vital. Samus has been provided more abilities and powers in this particular game, for instance, she is able to now climb various surfaces and find the ledges. Nevertheless, due to removing the power Suit, Samus does not have some power ups, though they could be unlocked when the player advances in the game.

Metroid Fusion GBA Features

a story based game, Metro Fusion GBA is really popular. The game begins with the way Samus got into the situation. As Samus has become immune to the X Parasites, she quickly accepts the process to examine the X-Parasite ‘s home planet. Samus needs to save others from the X Parasites. She begins with this particular objective under the command of a computerized officer. Following are several of the primary options that come with this game:

  • 7 incredible areas for exploring
  • Created just for Game Boy Advance
  • Metroid Prime could be connected to GameCube with the website link feature
  • 3 openings for saving

The plot of this particular game is addictive and interesting very, and the complete gameplay is incredibly engaging. The player is going to have to make use of Samus’ hidden abilities as well as progress in the game that will allow the player to unlock various passages and doorways. Using work that is hard and experience you are able to uncover numerous abilities and techniques. Samus is provided directions by the computerized officer from the ship of her as the development of the game is linear and. Metroid Fusion has numerous closed and locked doors, that must be eliminated and also opened utilizing special powers. The game is filled with thrill and suspense, and it entirely engages the player to do the tasks.

Metroid Fusion GBA Enemies

The opponents on the display can be pleasurable & fascinating, as well as the boss battles are really worth taking part in. Samus’ earlier powerups develop the huge enemies of the game. The X Parasites hold those and be effective to ward off her. You will find various challenging foes such as for instance the boss that will high jump as well as spring up into the enemy or the sky positioning the morph ball that curls to a sphere as well as rolls along with hits Samus. The rolling enemy is really an alien armadillo.

One of the more impressive enemies is the SA X. That’s a doppelganger of Samus Aran, having come into being due to the illness caused in the Power Suit of her. This particular enemy is extremely potent and it is on a hunt for Samus Aran. Sa-X is really fierce during the entire game! No chance almost any player wouldn’t notice that.


Metroid Fusion GBA is a fascinating and engaging game. However significantly less great as well as gratifying as Super Metroid, it is going to prove to be extraordinary for a lot of gamers. The game’s linearity and addictive story allow it to be an extremely interesting one, and lots of seasoned gamers are certain to check it out.

For many gamers, the game may seem a little fast-paced, but nobody can finish it in only a couple of sittings. In case you’ve Metroid Prime, you are able to quickly play the game on the TV of yours by linking the GBA as well as Game Cube.

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